Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Do As I Say, Not As I Do………..

As everyone knows, after a hard marathon you really should have a break from running – both physically and mentally – in order to recover and recharge your batteries. Ideally, I would have liked to have had a few weeks without really thinking about running, and then only doing easy runs, but sometimes something comes up to make you change your plans.

Emma (1st), Sue (2nd) and me(3rd) in 2011
Last year, I was given a wild card entry to the World 50K Final, and used it as a hard training run (in which to practice running on a lapped course and taking gels and drinks from a support crew) prior to the 100K World Champs. It was my first ever attempt at a race of that distance and was a great experience……with an amazing bonus of finishing on the podium behind Emma and Sue (both running for England), and a time that qualified me for an invite out again this year.

Going out to Assen in 2011 was quite terrifying as I’d never run that distance before, and I knew nobody else running. This year has its own pressures, as Scottish Athletics are supporting me in making the trip out to Italy, and so I want to perform well as the only runner in a Scottish vest. I’m flying out with Russ (running for England) and sharing a room with Emma (last year’s champion, also running for England) so it’ll be a fun weekend whatever happens!

Frimley Lodge parkrun

The date of this year’s race has caused me some worry, as there is only 3 weeks between the Warsaw Marathon and the 50K. Three weeks is clearly not enough time to recover, train and then taper again, so I’ve tried to listen to my body and do enough but not too much! For me, that has involved some recovery time, a few runs (nothing too long) with a couple of miles as 50K pace, and my only “speedwork” being a parkrun at Frimley Lodge on my way down to my niece’s 2nd birthday party (not your usual speedwork as it was all on grass, mud and trail……but a ladies’ course record does wonders for your confidence going into a big race). I have also mentally recharged myself as much as possible by taking the opportunity to catch up with friends and family…….now all I have to do is get out there and run just over 31miles!!!!

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