Monday, 2 September 2013

Public speaking

This isn't a post about running or racing, but I guess it can be seen as having many similarities, as its is about me stepping out of my comfort zone.

I generally think of myself as quite a private person, and am not known for shouting about what I've done in the past and what I'm doing at the current time, so when Emily Prince from Hope and Homes for children first got in touch with me about taking part on their Edinburgh Night of Adventure, my instinct was to run away and hide. What could be worse than standing up and talking in front of 250 people with your pictures shown on a huge cinema screen ?

The more I thought about it, however, the more I realised that I should challenge myself and do something that I'm afraid of, otherwise how will I ever overcome the fear? The evening is all in aid of charity and I'll also get to hear talks and see pictures taken by some amazing people.

That being said,  I did delay putting my talk and slides together for as long as possible, as that way I could keep my head in the sand about it. Looking out the most appreciate pictures did bring some amazing memories flooding back......I cannot tell you them now as that would spoil the evening......but I'm so glad I agreed to do it, as otherwise I might not have gone through the pictures or remembered certain events.

Well, that's how I feel now......but as I head up to Edinburgh this afternoon, I'm sure the butterflies will be back......

Still.....nothing ventured, nothing gained.......and I have had some positive feedback trying my presentation out on Dumfries friends.......fingers crossed for tonight then....

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  1. Hello again! Hope your talk went well. It's a great charity so well done for accepting this challenge! Just "stumbled" over your blog after reading trail running magazine' s latest edition. Great report btw! Silke