Saturday, 5 October 2013

Lessons learnt while away

It's ok to eat your weight in Nutella!

Altitude  gives you weird dreams

Race walkers doing 400m track reps look odd
5mins after thunder and hail!

It's embarrassing to be overtaken by Kenyans running "easy" when you're doing "efforts"

It's scary to run past a big cow with huge horns when wearing red

The weather is very changeable....sun to lightning to hail within a few minutes

It's ok to eat your weight in Nutella!

Your running is very changeable.....even within a few's like having bipolar running disorder

There's no such thing as running too easy at altitude

The sun is much stronger when you're up higher - beware!

Even slight inclines must be respected

Friends are great, and keep you sane, even if they're far away

It's ok to eat your weight in Nutella!

Double Olympians are normal people - and so can be v friendly, helpful and down to earth

A small post-run snack!
The Irish do talk v fast, even if they don't believe it

Professionals are worth their weight in gold (see previous blog)

Altitude can make you lose weight, even if eating like a horse

Altitude can make your iron level drop, despite taking supplements

It's ok to eat your weight in Nutella!

Guys can even make a competition out of hydration tests

Mmmmmm.....French bakeries! 'nuff said

Being ill isn't good, being ill at altitude is less good, being sick at altitude is the worst yet!

You don't miss the TV when it's not there, but there's a lot to catch up on when you get back to it - bring on the taper!

Swimming pools close for the "winter" at the end of August - weird!

Driving on scenic winding mountain roads is fun....for the first 10k.... but the next 40k can be a bit of a drag…..though it does build up your arm strength!

And did I mention, it's OK to eat your weight in Nutella!!

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