Tuesday, 11 February 2014


........and I'm not talking about the street dance crew, though I do have to confess to enjoying watching Ashley Banjo getting the whole of Stockton to dance!

Strictly Live

It is easy to become isolated when you have your own room at work, and also live and train mainly on your own. Some people might call it "getting into a routine", but others may call it "getting stuck in a rut". Add in some poor weather, a few coughs and colds, and every niggle can develop into a major issue in your mind, and you run the risk of developing a bad case of the CBAs!
I decided at the start of the year that I would try to avoid this happening - though not really as a "New Year's resolution" because that could lead to feelings of guilt/failure if I was unsuccessful. 
It's going well so far, as I've been enjoying doing many different things....

Running-wise, I've been up to Glasgow and run with a group of similar-paced friends, down to a Half Marathon with some lads from Carlisle, and away to a new parkrun with one of my closest friends (who was doing his first ever one).

At the athletics

However, it has been the other parts of my life that have been the busiest......but just don't mention work!

On the big screen at the Emirates

Seeing my parents over New Year, a trip away for some sun with a good friend, watching an amazing afternoon of athletics at the Emirates arena, a fantastic trip to see Strictly Come Dancing on Tour, watching the rugby in Edinburgh, and having some good times catching up with friends old and new in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dumfries - all of these have set me up to start the year as a balanced rounded person (hopefully not too rounded physically) and long may it continue!!

Coming up....yes, there'll be some running...but also some weekends away to catch up with friends, and I've just agreed to play in a Mozart requiem.....so variety really is the spice of life!

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  1. Gratified to hear that even elite peeps can get bogged down and allow little problems to turn into major CBA's. What a brilliant start you've had to the year. Btw I arrived here via the Likeys page, you get around a bit don't you.