Saturday, 17 January 2015

Failure to Launch?

I know that everyone finds it hard to restart running after a break, but this time it seems to have be especially tough.......and I'm still struggling!

Last year started off (well, the first few weeks were good) rather badly and I thought that the rest if the year would probably be a write-off, but ended up so much better than I could possibly have dreamed of. I'm still not sure how I went from being trampled and broken in February, to competing for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games, the World Mountain Running Championships, the World 50k and then for GB at the World 100K Champs over the course of the same year. I still have to pinch myself, and check my photos and medals are real rather than just dreamt up!

I had a good few weeks off after the second Doha trip and caught up with family and friends, thinking I would be able to get back into it over the Christmas and New Year period. Unfortunately, when I tried, the "get up and go" just seemed to have "got up and gone".

Sun and sea!
A lovely sunset...implies there's sun!
I thought that the miserable British weather might have something to do with it, and so went away for a few days of winter sun with my friend Mark. Mark and I have been friends since we met climbing Aconcagua 8 years ago.....which seemed deal as it meant that we could happily do our own things during the day and just meet up at beer o'clock (waiting for dinner o'clock). Unfortunately, it also meant that while Mark was out on his bike, I had to motivate myself to go out running. I did manage this most of the time, but also tried some alternative options......insanity (I wouldn't recommend that straight after breakfast), Pilates, and Aerial Yoga (that was certainly an experience unlike any other as you got a massive blood rush to the head whilst hanging upside down with silk twisted round your legs to support you!).

My favourite pose ;-)
A good stretch?

Blood rush?
It was great being away, but unfortunately the weather back home hasn't improved at all, so I'm still struggling to actually get started this year. No point worrying about it though, as I'm actually lucky to be uninjured and able to run if I want to, as I know plenty of people who can't, but it may be a sign that I should be trying out something new....hopefully (after I've faced a few demons this Spring) I'll take heed and do just that!

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