Monday, 9 May 2016

Team Raidlight

This weekend, I attended the first get-together of Team Raidlight UK. As it is a fairly new concept, I wasn't sure what to expect, but who can complain about a weekend which consists of some friends getting to get her to run, chat, eat and discuss the company, the brand and products.

Pre parkrun picture ;-)
Unfortunately I had to leave early to attend a race, but I'm really glad I managed to be there for some of it. Although none of us are exactly happy running short fast races, we started out with a mob match at Hanley parkrun in Stoke on Trent (which was actually a parkrun debut for several of the team). It was fun and friendly and we all secured PBs (though for most of us, that was because it was our first attendance there) recording both the first 2 men and the first 2 ladies across the line.

After that we headed back to Leek for a brew, some snacks and to hear more about the company and concept itself. Unfortunately Benoit Laval (the MD) had to cancel his trip over from France at the last minute (as he hadn't recovered from "The Barkley") but in attendance were myself, Beth Pascal, Tracy Dean, Utte Baird, Dan Lawson, Ant Bethel, Kim Collison, Janson Heath and Dave Bethel.

Benoit founded the company in 1999 in his native France. As a textile manufacturer and a runner (having run in the French national team for several years), he actually started to manufacture the original garments himself. He used his own experiences to manufacture products that really worked, ie packs with pockets that you could access while running, tops and bottoms with useful pockets (for gels, keys, compass etc), slightly reinforced shoulder panels to help with the wear and tear of carrying a pack, heat sealed seams to prevent chafage, and then built the company up from there taking on a few employees at a time.

Team Raidlight is open to everyone, from those competing at the sharp end to midrange and back-of-the-packers with incentives for all. If you join "the team" there are incentives to score points, eg by posting pictures, reviewing kits, sharing lifts to events or just generally interacting with the brand. These points translate into money off further purchases and soon add up.

There is also a "trail station" set up at Raidlight HQ in Chartreuse where people can register and run the trails for free, checking out kit and trying it out, in return for giving feedback on it. This trail station is open in both summer and winter to cater for different sport preferences......and I personally would be really interested in going out there for a visit.

Unfortunately, I had to head off at lunchtime (though somehow I did manage to find the time for my first "Staffordshire oatcake".....and I'll be back for more of those...yummmm!!!) so did not have time to get out on to the hills with the others to test/feedback on kit, but it was still a great start to the weekend - and will hopefully lead to many more get togethers/catch-ups in various places at various races!

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